A man’s world forever? – The Construction Industry.

29/09/2014 < Return to blog

The topic of gender imbalance and sexism in the workplace is gaining momentum on a daily basis as various high profile male and female figures push for progress.

Most recently, Emma Watson, delivered a powerful speech at the UN fighting for gender equality which falls in line with her ‘HeForShe’ initiative. Her talk gained untold support from men and women all over the world and the positive aftermath dominated social media platforms.

It’s no secret that the construction industry has a reputation as being very male dominated but that’s not to say we are not making efforts to change our culture.

What’s being done?

Site managers are questioned about their company’s policies towards equality and diversity in the workplace and are scored on evidence.

The recruitment of women will be addressed by the 2025 Construction Working Group. We, as recruiters, have an obligation to use our resources to search deeper for female candidates and this is exactly what we are doing.

But can more be done? Yes.

We need to ensure that construction is seen as a realistic option for young women during their school years.

Open well-funded and publicised portals for construction careers information targeted at women.

Generally create a culture within the industry that appeals to both sexes.

It’s vital that a harmful stigma does not develop over the industry as this would lead to a lack of talent individuals willing to work in construction.