Does Labour really loathe the ‘White Van Man’?

24/11/2014 < Return to blog

I’d safely assume that most of us are aware of a certain tweet that lead to the prompt resignation of ex-shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry recently.

The tweet simply shows a picture of a patriotic semi-detached house with a white van parked on the drive and a caption reading, ‘Image from #Rochester’.

View the tweet here...

Was this a sneering dig at the ‘white van man’, pure coincidence or a genuine attempt by Thornberry to publicise her efforts on the ground with Labour’s key demographic?

We can never really be sure, but, Labour’s growing reputation as an out-of-touch party consisting of ‘North London snobs’ has aided in influencing the opinions of most.

If the tweet was sent out of bitterness to losing her seat in Rochester to UKIP, Thornberry opens herself up to an amusing irony - an educated individual showing such a lack of intelligence in depicting a derisory view of the working class.

It’s not the first political faux pas we’ve seen and I’m a believer of second chances but it’s hard to show any sympathy or mercy here.

Do politicians get less leeway?

If so, is this deserved?

Was this a genuine jibe at the working class or is she a victim of circumstance and merely the most recent of many social media blunders in a PC crazy nation?

Either way, it seems that an individual with such responsibilities should show a bit more nouse.