Construction 2025 – Key points.

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The big question that has acted as the foundation for this strategy is, ‘How can the construction industry add to the growth of the UK economy?’

Peter Hansford, The Government’s Chief Construction Advisor, summed it up quite nicely – “The key is to develop and take forward an industrial strategy for construction and how it can add to the growth of the economy”.


Industry experts partnered with the government to produce the document.


So what areas for improvement have been identified? Three key factors will be focused on to ensure the strategy succeeds.

1. People issues: • The people of the industry are crucial to transforming the industry. • Change industry image. • Build skills for the future. • Change working conditions. • Promote apprenticeships.

2. Technology: • Recognise the influence of changing technology and how it affects the industry on a day-to-day basis. • Become a smarter industry. • Embrace digital techniques. • Increase efficiencies and productivities with the use of new technology.

3. Environment: • Address the issues surrounding reducing carbon emissions. • Support supply chain. • Create a strong and resilient supply chain.

Continuing the export of British expertise is also a priority.

What does the construction industry give to the economy now?

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If you could choose which key factors to address in Construction 2025 would you change anything?