How We Work


At Construction Headhunters we understand our client’s need for a professional and discreet service. We treat each assignment on a highly confidential basis and with equal diligence, regardless of the level at which you are seeking to appoint.

Our Consultants all work within the Construction industries but also offer specialist knowledge in one, or more of the specific markets or professions. With this individual specialisation we can offer an unrivalled track record of sourcing the most challenging roles and scarce candidates for clients in construction industries.

To ensure that your project is completely accountable you will receive secure access to our online project management tool for every assignment. This 24 hour web resource allows you, or your colleagues to keep track of our progress throughout each of stages of your project. We appreciate the need for instant access and reassurance that your project will be delivered both with the desired results and on time.

For a full online demonstration of just what this feature could mean for your business call us today on 0207 160 6996.

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  • Conversation to gather information about your role
  • First meeting with your dedicated Managing Consultant
  • Role specification covered at meeting
  • Candidate specification covered at meeting
  • Gain a mutual understanding of why your role is attractive
  • Ensure you understand our process full

At Construction Headhunters continuity is key and we deliver this by assigning a dedicated expert to your project who you will deal with from start to finish.

Our expert headhunters will gain a complete understanding of the role you are looking to fill before researching the best candidates. We find the best way to do this is to meet with you face-to-face. Remember that most top level candidates will be employed so we must be able to sell your role to the best of our abilities.

A detailed assignment report will be delivered to you following the initial meeting outlining our understanding of your role and why it is desirable to candidates.


  • Scoping of potential target companies
  • Approval of said companies by the client
  • Deeper research in to appropriate candidates from these companies
  • Client liaising and approval of candidates
  • All project information available in our secure, password protected online client area

Construction Headhunters are specialist headhunters.

As specialists, we know the construction industry and more importantly, the roles in the construction industry, like no traditional recruitment agency.

Our specialist construction recruiters have extensive networks throughout the industry meaning they can tap in to the best talent available with ease.

We pride ourselves on our service and so offer complete transparency throughout. You can view the progress of your headhunt anytime using our online client area.


  • Candidates approached discreetly and professionally over the phone
  • Details of every conversation are well documented
  • Key industry information also documented
  • Salaries benchmarked

Experts convey the benefits of both the role and of working for your company to the target candidate.

A detailed progress report is produced for each approach made which is available 24/7 on the client’s assignment dashboard.

The client is also provided with information as to why candidates did not progress to the next stage of the headhunt.

Salary is always an important factor for candidates so this is benchmarked from the get-go. This also helps with candidate negotiations.

Precious market and competitor information is extracted for the client here – an added bonus to our extensive headhunting service.


  • Telephone screening conducted by one of our in-house researchers
  • Managing Consultant conducts a comprehensive telephone screening
  • Candidate has behavioural interview with Managing Consultant
  • Managing Consultant holds competency based interview with candidate
  • In-depth Psychometric profiling of candidate as per client requirements
  • Reference checking

We ensure that we are targeting the best potential candidates for the role and the company by tailoring each headhunting project around specific client requirements.

Typical areas clients focus on include culture, skills, behaviour and experience.

Your dedicated Managing Consultant runs all candidate interviews to ensure continuity is preserved throughout the headhunting process.

This rigorous process is purposely designed to assess and identify consistency of information, strengths, weaknesses and potential concerns.

Psychometric profiling is conducted entirely at the client’s discretion and is provided at no extra cost. Reference checks are standard procedure.


  • Summary search report presented and available via assignment dashboard
  • CV and interview reports provided for each recommended candidate
  • Full package details provided for each recommended candidate
  • Psychometric reports provided as per client request
  • Full support during the interview and offer process
  • Ongoing support during the crucial first few months

Recommended candidates are shortlisted upon completion of our industry search.

The client is assured at our recommendations as each candidate has been through a multi-stage interview process with a dedicated Managing Consultant.

EVERY approach we made during the headhunting process is detailed in a final report.

Transparency is the keystone to us creating a trusting relationship with the client.

We want our clients to know that they are meeting the best possible candidates for the role and the company.